Sweet Pup Who Was Returned To The Shelter Numerous Times Can’t Stop Shaking In Her Kennel

When a pup named Cherry first arrived at the Clermont County Animal Shelter, Ohio, she was not in the best shape.

The shelter staff deemed that Cherry’s name was quite fitting for her appearance since her body was completely red due to a bad case of mange. With that, she was also terrified of her new surroundings and she didn’t really trust all the new hoomans she met.

However, the Ohio shelter staff did not give up on Cherry. They worked with her every day, trying to break her out of her shell, and eventually, they did just that.

Brand-New Girl

cute dog laying under the treecute dog laying under the tree
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

Since the shelter staff noticed that Cherry, who did not want to get out of her kennel, would come alive once they managed to get her out into the backyard, they knew that beneath all that fear, there was a playful pup wanting to come out.

“She had to be carried outside by most volunteers, but once outside away from the noise, she came to life. At the park bench that first day taking her out was when I realized her infinite love for balls. Basketballs, weighted medicine balls, tennis balls, balls that are supposed to be indestructible do not stand a chance with Cherry,” Megan Dashley, a shelter volunteer, told The Dodo.

Luckily, Cherry did realize that the volunteers were only there to help her so, with time, she fell in love with them and began spending her days having the best playdates.

white dog with blue necklacewhite dog with blue necklace
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

Unforeseen Circumstances

After some time, this sweet pup was noticed by a loving family who eagerly wanted to take her in.

Everybody at the Ohio shelter was overjoyed at this news, and when they saw just how well they clicked, they believed that this temporary family would soon turn into a forever one.

Unfortunately, because of some unforeseen circumstances, Cherry ended up being returned to the shelter, and this time, she did not take it too well.

“She’s not herself. She’s not comfortable. She’s not confident. When Callie walked her yesterday, she was shaking in her kennel and her tail stayed tucked for most of their walk,” volunteers wrote on Facebook.

cute dog on a scalecute dog on a scale
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

This sweet girl is totally confused and does not know what happened. She thought she had found herself a forever family.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time. Throughout her stay at the shelter, Cherry has been adopted and returned several times. The staff is confused as to why nobody wants this adorable girl to be a permanent resident at their loving home.

“Outside of the shelter, Cherry shines so bright. She smiles from ear to ear when she is comfortable, happy and at peace,” Dashley said.

dog with red shirtdog with red shirt
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

Open For Adoptions

Cherry is a sweet girl who is looking for active hoomans who will be able to run around with her as much as her little heart desires.

She would love to have her very own backyard where she could get her daily exercise in, but a nearby open area where she could have her adventures would also do.

She would also love a relaxed doggo sibling to play with.

cute dog with smilecute dog with smile
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

Everybody at the shelter is doing their best to find Cherry a loving home as they just want her to be happy and safe, surrounded by hoomans who adore everything about her.

“This girl is a national treasure and a hidden gem. Someone would be SO LUCKY to be in her aura and get to absorb the amount of love she has to give,” Dashley concluded.

cute dog with cute lookcute dog with cute look
Source: Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter

Final Word

Even though shelters try their best to provide the animals with the most comfortable and happy stay, that isn’t the easiest task.

Animals who have been let down over and over again, such as Cherry, have a very hard time opening up to the staff and can become sad, depressed, and even aggressive.

Plus, the loud noises and the fact that a hooman cannot be with them every single second can make things much more difficult.

So, if you are able to take in an animal looking for a warm and loving home, please head down to your local shelter and bring a smile to a furry face.

And, if you are interested in adopting Cherry, feel free to contact Clermont County Animal Shelter for more information.