Sad Dog Was Slowly Crossing The Rainbow Bridge All Alone, But Then Good Souls Came

These are some difficult times for our furry companions. Many dogs are lucky to even find their place in the shelter, and those who are able to meet their happy endings are truly blessed.

Numerous sad stories about canines left on the street to fend for themselves are the best examples of that. Yet, today’s heartbreaking story about a young dog found in the woods is on another level.

This poor being was counting down his last moments due to the difficult condition he was in and had already begun to lose hope that he would ever feel true love again.

However, just when he thought that everything was over and that he had crossed the rainbow bridge, good souls appeared and gave him a new chance.

Heartbreaking Condition

sad dogsad dog
Source: @tacomahumane

When the rescuers of The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County found a Labrador Retriever named Timber in a wooden Eatonville area, in Washington State, they were truly heartbroken to see the condition he was in.

According to their Facebook post, this eight-month-old dog was found on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. When found, he was in such a terrible state that he couldn’t even walk.

Because of the urgency of his condition, they immediately brought him from Eatonville, Washington, to their animal shelter in Tacoma, Washington. There, he was taken over by their veterinary team.

dog named timber at vet's officedog named timber at vet's office
Source: The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County

Laura Green, a marketing coordinator of the shelter, told Newsweek that “Timber had sunken eyes, lethargy, severe dehydration, and an elevated heart rate.”

However, these were all minor problems compared to the one dangerous disease that was taking its toll on him. Namely, Timber was suffering from canine parvovirus.

According to WebMD, it is one of the most destructive viruses for canines’ health that can even threaten their lives if not treated properly. To make matters worse, it is especially harmful to young pups, and Timber belongs to that exact category.

dog put to sleepdog put to sleep
Source: @tacomahumane

That’s why it’s true happiness and a blessing that these people appeared in the forest that day and saved the seriously ill Timber. If he had stayed there just a bit longer, the rest of this story would have been completely different.

A Brighter Future Ahead Of Him

As soon as the rescuers saw Timber in the woods, their hearts were filled with sadness, but that same sadness only fueled them with determination directed toward saving his young soul. That’s exactly how they behaved when they were taking care of him.

vet holding fluids next to a dogvet holding fluids next to a dog
Source: @tacomahumane

The most important thing, however, was the fact that Timber was found on time and that he was given an immediate medical intervention.

“Once infected, immediate medical intervention is required to give the dog a fighting chance against the disease,” Green said. “Timber came to our care just in time to receive treatment and begin on the road to recovery.”

It was truly one of the happiest days of this shelter in Tacoma, Washington. Yet, despite the crucial fact that his life was saved, there is still a long road to recovery ahead of this dog.

“Timber may be out of the forest, but he’s not out of the woods yet,” Green said. “Despite the long road ahead, he has maintained a gentle demeanor and cooperation throughout his treatments.”

vet hugging the dogvet hugging the dog
Source: @tacomahumane

Luckily, the people from the shelter were able to find Timber a foster home. It is crucial for every dog to have a person who will love and care for him, and this is exactly what a foster home can provide, at least for a period of time.

This is especially important for a dog like Timber, who, in addition to being physically ill, also has wounds on his soul that need a loving person to heal.

We therefore hope that soon, the word ‘foster’ will be replaced by ‘forever.’ It would truly be the best reward for all this dog had been through, as well as for the people who saved him from the darkness of the forest.


Alone in the woods, he was slowly dying without any hope in sight. On Wednesday, Timber was found stranded in a wooded Eatonville area, incapacitated and unable to walk on his own. He was carried out to safety and brought to the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County, where our caring veterinary team was waiting to assess the fading dog. The 8-month-old Labrador’s eyes were deeply sunken due to severe dehydration, and he coated his kennel in bloody diarrhea. A test revealed what our team suspected, parvovirus was wreaking havoc on his organs, and without immediate intervention, he was susceptible to a slow, painful death. Our veterinary team immediately began intensive treatment, including a $1,200 antibody medicine, to give Timber his best chance for survival. Fighting parvovirus is expensive, time-consuming, and requires round-the-clock care, IV fluids, nutritious food, and more. Timber will continue to receive hydrating fluids and medications to ease his nausea and diarrhea until he clears the virus. His recovery will take weeks, but with your help, our compassionate team will continue to care for him as he fights for his life. Your donation today will put life-saving resources directly in the hands of our pet care team to treat Timber and all the dogs, cats, and critters who need it most. Donate on this post or use the link in the Linktree in our Bio. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ some images on the donation page may be graphic in nature. #parvovirus #parvo #shelterdog #dogrescue #rescuedog #veterinarymedicine #vetmed

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