Rescuers Saved A Two-Legged Dog And Were Shocked To Learn His Real Story

When hearing horror stories from real life, many people tend to believe that they are just products of someone’s imagination. That way, it’s easier to accept it, but sadly, numerous of these events are very real, and we need to be made aware of how often they happen.

Many such stories are related to the canine world, where despite the dog’s unlimited love and loyalty to humans, that same human does many terrible things to his “best friend.”

A group of rescuers witnessed this when they heard cries from an empty house one day. Just as they began to wonder what it was all about, a dog with two legs appeared before them, begging for help.

Although they were already shocked by this very sight, they could not even guess how terrible his fate was.

Heartbreaking Fate

two-legged dog strugglingtwo-legged dog struggling
Source: Paws Show 

In front of these big-hearted rescuers, a dog named Joey was standing on his two legs in a desperate state. He was abandoned one and a half years ago, and all that time, he had to fend for himself.

It is very difficult for a dog that is in much better condition, without missing anything, to survive for so long without anyone’s help. That’s why these people were amazed how Joey even stayed alive all that time, considering such difficult circumstances.

dog without two legsdog without two legs
Source: Paws Show 

However, what shocked and left them most heartbroken was his dark past. These people learned that his legs weren’t amputated, nor was this a congenital deformity. They realized that Joey had a terrible fate – tortured, dismembered, and then abandoned.

It’s hard to even imagine what he went through “thanks” to those he trusted the most.

Incredible Resilience

happy dog in the carhappy dog in the car
Source: Paws Show 

It took some time for these people to recover from the intial shock and cry all the tears for this poor being. However, they quickly pulled themselves together and went into action to ensure him a brighter future.

One of the rescuers gently took him in his arms and brought him to the car. As soon as they gave him some love and attention, Joey’s smile immediately returned and he showed his true colors.

A positive energy and a good soul were not the only things that adorned this dog. Despite everything he’d been through and his current condition, Joey also showed incredible courage and resilience.

man taking picture of a dog with fake legsman taking picture of a dog with fake legs
Source: Paws Show 

The vets discovered a tumor on his intimate part, and he also needed a dog wheelchair to move around. Although these were all difficult burdens to carry, Joey overcame all the obstacles with a smile on his face.

In this fight, his greatest support was his foster mom, who was patient and full of understanding, but also his rescuers who did not want to give up on him.

Meanwhile, a group of good people worked on making him custom prosthetics so he could stand on all fours again and live the life he deserves.

New Beginning

dog with big sunglassesdog with big sunglasses
Source: Paws Show 

Just like all the challenges he managed to overcome so far, no one doubted that Joey would soon walk again.

That day, Joey woke up happier than ever, as if he knew what was coming. With the help of his foster mom, he jumped into his wheelchair, and with his head held high and a recognizable smile on his face, he headed toward his new beginning.

Although most dogs take a long time to get used to “new legs”, Joey proved to be a special canine. As soon as they put the prosthetics on his legs, he immediately started walking and his happiness was endless.

men helping two-legged dogmen helping two-legged dog
Source: Paws Show 

Those who were with him in his most difficult battles could not hide their tears of joy. It was a moment in which a new life was born and in which the light of the future dispelled the darkness of the past.

Joey proved that with resilience, love, and the biggest smile, everything is possible in life.

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