Two Bonded Dogs Surrendered At Shelter Keep Hiding From People, Until They Learn What Love Is

Sometimes, life doesn’t really work in our favor, and we are forced to make decisions that we aren’t really happy about.

But, even in such times, we have to remember that those difficult decisions are mostly the right ones, and even if they make us sad, they are probably working in favor of somebody else.

This is exactly what today’s story is about.

Difficult Decision

two scared dogstwo scared dogs
Source: Howl Of A Dog

In a remote and almost forgotten village lived an elderly family with their two beautiful dogs, Tia and Tori.

Unfortunately, the family was struck with medical and financial difficulties, making it harder to care for their two pups.

As much as they tried to make it work, they were forced to surrender Tia and Tori to their local shelter, hoping to give them a better life than they, themselves, could provide.

dog lying under wooden palletdog lying under wooden pallet
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When animal rescuers arrived at their house to pick up the pups, Tia and Tori weren’t too happy to see them.

Knowing that they weren’t used to other hoomans and that they loved their owners very much, the rescue team decided to gain their trust first and then take them to their car.

two woman putting dog in a kenneltwo woman putting dog in a kennel
Source: Howl Of A Dog

With the help of their owners, the two pups were soon put into kennels and driven off to the shelter and, ultimately, their new life.

At The Shelter

As soon as Tia and Tori were brought to the Howl Of A Dog shelter, the two pups needed some time to adjust to their new life.

Tori was really scared, and she kept trying to hide away from the world.

dog next to a kenneldog next to a kennel
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Their behavior was due to a lack of socialization, and since everything around them was unfamiliar, the pups weren’t really sure how to act.

Nevertheless, the shelter staff decided not to give up on them and show them how good life can be.

Since one of them was malnourished and even had a limp, the staff decided that it would be for the best if they gave them some yummy food.

two dogs lying on a white mattwo dogs lying on a white mat
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Even though they refused to eat, the incredible hoomans were determined to change their life completely.

Brand-New Pups

After spending only ten days at the shelter, Tia and Tori came out of their shells and showed off their true colors.

Even though Tia had to go into surgery because of an old fracture of the femoral head, from which she made an incredible recovery, this didn’t stop her from spending her days with a smile on her face.

photo of sibling dogs outdoorsphoto of sibling dogs outdoors
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Tori was by Tia’s side for the entirety of her healing process and was super proud of her for being so brave.

The two doggo siblings are now spending their time within the Howl Of A Dog shelter while the staff looks for a loving home that will provide these two pups with an amazing family who loves and appreciates them just like they deserve.