Ditched at the Vet, Why Are These Snuggly Sibling Dogs Still Without a Forever Home After 300 Days?

Canine siblings Worth and Weston Dazzling, not yet a year old, were abandoned at a veterinary office in Mississippi and never reclaimed by their owner. Now under the care of Great Dog Rescue New England, the joyful pups have been eagerly awaiting their forever homes since June. Despite their charm and the unwavering support from their rescuers and foster mother, they continue to seek a permanent family, with all involved determined to find them a loving home soon.

Abandoned at the Vet

Great Dog Rescue New England (GDRNE) has known Worth and Weston Dazzling since they were just eight weeks old when they were dropped off at their sister rescue’s vet in Mississippi for boarding alongside their mama and four siblings. The owner returned to pick up the mama dog, but she never returned for the puppies. Sadly, the litter was sentenced to life in a small kennel until they could find forever homes.

It took several months before the vet the pups were staying with could give one of the babies a permanent home. A sister rescue in Mississippi took two of the littermates to help them find homes, and the remaining three came to GDRNE. This ‘North-to-South’ dog rescue frequently transports dogs in need of homes in the south to Massachusetts, where they are given a veterinary checkup and a foster home. That’s exactly what happened with Weston, Worth, and the third Dazzling sibling, who’s already found themself a forever home!

'Dazzling' Puppies Abandoned at Boarding Have Waited Months for a Home

via Great Dog Rescue New England

From Foster to Forever

As for happy-go-lucky brothers Worth and Weston, living in a foster home isn’t a bad way to wait for their forever homes. Their foster mom has nothing but positive things to say about both dogs, who are about ten months old and 33 pounds as of March 26.

“Worth is a fun-loving, happy guy!” his foster mom gushes. “He never turns down a game of fetch and would play all day if his people played with him. He loves all toys and will toss them up to himself or politely drop them at his human’s feet. He loves to play with other dogs, too.” He frequently gets Weston to play, of course, but his brother is more of a lap dog than a play mate.

'Dazzling' Puppies Abandoned at Boarding Have Waited Months for a Home

Worth Dazzling, via Great Dog Rescue New England