Owner’s Heart Melts As She Sees Her Dog Embracing A New Puppy With Paws Wide Open

One thing is certain – when you give your dog just a little love, he will return it a hundredfold and remain loyal to you for the rest of his life. But, just as is the case with people, not all dogs are the same – some are more and some less friendly toward other canines.

Dog owner, Danielle Hunt, from Greenville, Ohio, got a dog named Piper a few years ago, with whom she and her husband, Tom, quickly fell in love. At the time, they didn’t even think about how Piper would react to another canine.

However, after a certain period, when this Italian Greyhound grew older, things changed, and they noticed that Piper really needed a furry companion. Unfortunately, they postponed that decision for a long time, fearing what her reaction would be to another dog in the house.

Love At First Sight

dog lying on a fluffy pillowdog lying on a fluffy pillow
Source: @misspipertheiggy

Danielle and Tom have always had cats in their home, and it was through the example of Piper’s strong relationship with them that they realized how much a real friend would mean to her.

Her friendship with cats was cute, but she always felt real joy when she played with other canines in the dog park. That’s why Danielle and Tom, after almost five years, finally decided to get a new dog.

That day, when the new family member arrived at their home in Greenville, Ohio, Danielle had never felt more nervous. She was afraid that Piper would not like the new puppy, whom they named Honey, but the completely opposite thing happened.

two dogs lying togethertwo dogs lying together
Source: @misspipertheiggy

“The night we brought Honey home, they got along really well. Their tails were wagging, and they did a lot of sniffing, and every day their bond would grow. Within a few days, they were playing, sleeping, and eating together,” Danielle told Newsweek.

Piper was over the moon that she finally had someone with whom she could spend the best moments. The only person happier than her was Danielle when she would see this perfect couple in each other’s arms.

However, we have to emphasize that Danielle and Tom took care of everything when they were choosing the ideal puppy for Piper. Honey was also an Italian Greyhound, and this breed is known for its gentle and affectionate nature.

Aside from that, they were bred from the same male, so they were actually half-sisters. This relationship was simply destined to succeed.

Many Melted Hearts

Danielle has long since created a TikTok account where she has posted videos of Piper’s life. However, when Honey came into their family, she started posting videos that showed the most loving moments of their relationship.

The first one, which you have just watched, also attracted the most attention, so that even Danielle was surprised.

She told Newsweek: “The response has been overwhelming, and so many people were on the fence like we were about getting a companion for their pet. There were a lot of people who loved hearing about their story and seeing how much they love each other. I’m glad I shared it, and it was the best move we could have made.”

social media commentssocial media comments
Source: @misspipertheiggy

One TikTok user wrote: “That’s true love in the making!! 🥰🥰🥰”

“They have a sunroom so all is right with the world,” another added.

And, the third quipped: “Sweet pups and sweet set-up… living their best life ❣️🐶🐶🏠❣️”

Although Piper has had everything she wanted all these years, her life has only now become complete because nothing can replace true friendship.