10 Best Countries To Study Engineering Abroad

Studying abroad is a popular choice among international students these days and engineering students are no further afield. There are many countries where you can get a high-quality technical education along with practical knowledge and training from the best industries in the respective provinces. Here we have listed countries with the best engineering universities.

If you are studying engineering, these are the best places to study abroad:

1. Tech in the US

Of the 502 best technical universities in the world, 74 are from the US. The US has always been a leader in high-quality technical education. Be it MIT, CalTech or Stanford, the US has some of the world’s best technical universities. The highly sought-after engineering programs in USA are:

  • Aerospace Engineering  
  • Chemical technology  
  • Computer technology  
  • electrical engineering  
  • Materials Science  
  • Petroleum engineering  

Not only in Bachelor of engineering, but American universities are also known for their M.Tech programs. Here is the list of the best engineering colleges in the US:

2. technology in Germany

Germany is known for advancements in the automotive and manufacturing industries and is one of the most preferred places for international students willing to study in the best engineering universities in the world. Many of the best universities in Germany are public universities, and as you may already know, most of the public universities in Germany are tuition-free.

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Here is the list of the best technical universities in Germany with the best technical universities in the world.

3. Engineering in Australia

The next study abroad destination in our list is located in the southern hemisphere of the world and has become a strong study abroad destination among the others over the past few decades. Technical knowledge, as in the case of the US, is a strong point of universities in Australia.

Australia’s top engineering universities are recognized worldwide and the future prospects are simply infinite when it comes to studying in Australia. 19 of Australia’s universities of technology are listed among the best universities of technology in the world.

List of Best Engineering Universities in Australia:

4. Engineering in the UK

Home to the once prestigious Oxford and Cambridge, everything taught in the UK turns to gold. The bachelors of engineering programs in the UK are usually 4 years in length, with the masters being even more recognized courses. The admissions are always exclusive for all these reasons, and getting admission can be difficult.

Best engineering universities in UK featured in the best engineering universities in the world:

5. Engineering in Canada

With the highest number of immigrants in recent years, Canada has been really welcoming in recent years. Canada’s top engineering universities have maintained their standards despite a large influx of students. Canada is one of the cheapest options if you want to study in the best technical universities in the world.

Here is the list of top universities in Canada for engineering:

6. Engineering in Singapore

Often an overlooked study abroad destination, Singapore can be an excellent choice for you if you want to study Engineering at one of the top engineering universities in the world. The country has the highest standard of living and the best educational institutions.

Three of the top engineering universities in Singapore are ranked in the world:

7. Technology in Switzerland

This beautiful landlocked country is more than just snowy mountains and lakes. Switzerland is the global hub for many international diplomacy events and NGO buildings and headquarters. After US and UK are world-ranked Swiss universities, the reason being that they are technically sound. If expensive living costs are something that is not a hurdle for you, you should really consider Switzerland as a study abroad destination:

8. technology in China

Another destination for an Asian study abroad that is often overlooked, China has some of the most highly regarded universities in the world. For Engineering in particular, as many as 36 of the top engineering universities from China are ranked in the world. Seven of them make the Top 100.

9. technology in France

Another destination in Europe with excellent rewards, France is a perfect mix of work and pleasure. The universities are known for their quality education and high research output, and aeronautical engineering takes the cake among the other fields. However, all engineering courses are equally good, and when it comes to the best engineering universities in the world, France is home to 18 of the best engineering universities.

10. Technology in Italy

Last but not least, the land of the Colosseum and Pizzas has one of the oldest and most profound universities in the world. Italy is known for its tradition in education and the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna. Italy’s Engineering programs are on par with the world and it is home to many of the best engineering universities in the world.

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