Woman Was Shocked When She Saw A Mysterious Wig On The Road, So She Decided To Investigate

It’s not uncommon to see stray dogs everywhere these days, as it has become a pretty big problem.

Many of them are homeless and hungry, and they don’t deserve that. Every dog should have a chance to find his family, but unfortunately, this is not how things work in the real world.

The story of the stray dog we will be talking about today starts out the same, but the difference is this one has a somewhat happy ending.

A Wig On The Road

dog mistaken for a wig on the back seat of the cardog mistaken for a wig on the back seat of the car
Source: Mac Mission

During her drive, a woman from Southeast Missouri saw what she first thought was just a wig in the middle of the road.

She grew a bit suspicious about it, so she slowed down and decided to check what it was.

Once she got out of her car, she realized that it wasn’t a ‘wig’. It was a dog who was just lying on the road, completely motionless.

The dog was in an absolutely horrible state, to the point where it barely resembled one. The woman immediately contacted Mac’s Mission, and they decided to help the dog.

When the dog was brought to the director of the mission, Rochelle Steffen, the woman, had explained the situation to her.

woman holding the dogwoman holding the dog
Source: Mac Mission

Steffen told The Dodo: It made complete sense that she looked like a wig or lump of hair in the middle of the road to the finder, and not a dog. 

The woman honked and the dog did not react, so she got out and picked her up, thankfully. Realizing the dog was in such awful shape, she took her with her that morning while trying to find her help.

She continued by stating that the dog was missing one eye, her fur was all over the place, and she couldn’t even walk. Her situation seemed so horrible and sad.

A Sad, But Optimistic Dog

photo of the dog lying down in bad conditionphoto of the dog lying down in bad condition
Source: Mac Mission

The dog, now named Pear, was relieved when she realized that she was finally getting the help she deserved.

It took over an hour to shave her matts off and clean her up, but once that was finally done, they placed her into her new comfy bed to rest.

Steffen said: She never made a peep or moved the entire time. She was so sad, or maybe she was happy that she was getting loved on.

She snuggled right into my arms after her bath, and just laid her head down on my lap and took a deep breath. No telling how long she [had] been in survival mode!

The next day, they took her to the vet to make sure all her injuries were attended to. After her treatment, they said that she would recover in a few weeks and be ready for adoption.

the dog at the vet's office in a better conditionthe dog at the vet's office in a better condition
Source: Mac Mission

Pear’s future is somewhat optimistic, as she is recovering at a quick pace, and I honestly hope that despite all her trauma, she manages to find a loving family and a warm home to spend her life in.