Woman Was Shocked To Hear Loud Screaming Sounds At 11 P.M., Until She Looked Under Her Car

Hearing some loud screams in the middle of the night isn’t exactly a pleasant situation, but for one giant-hearted woman, there’s no such thing as fear.

Kaitlyn, the rescuer of Adams County Pet Rescue, Othello, Washington, immediately rushed into action!

She knew right off the bat that the sounds weren’t human. But, even so, she couldn’t properly detect who or what caused them until, finally, she took a look under her own car!

A Shocking Sight

Black and brown dog hiding under carBlack and brown dog hiding under car
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

It was already 11 P.M. and Kaitlyn was on her way home from letting her dogs out to potty before bed. Then came heartbreaking sounds from under her car!

When she finally took a closer look, something extraordinary stopped her in her tracks. There, lying in the dark with two sparkling, fearful eyes peeking right at her, was a dog. She was so petrified that she hid under the vehicle, hoping she wouldn’t be found.

The problem was, this fearful beauty was really hard to reach!

Never in her wildest dreams could Kaitlyn imagine that this rescue was gonna be everything but ordinary. Instead of slowly approaching the dog and calling it a day, things escalated in no time.

“The pup headed out from under the car with Kaitlyn running right behind it. She needed to make quick decisions so it didn’t head out into the night and not be found,” the rescue wrote.

black dog laying on a backblack dog laying on a back
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

Luckily, the pup didn’t wander into the fields but made a few circles around Kaitlyn’s house. She was evidently scared and traumatized, yet she refused to leave this new “fenced refuge” of hers.

During her rescue, Kaitlyn lost her sandals and kept running barefoot. Soon, she gathered a small crew to help her corner the puppy safely, which ultimately led to a happy outcome. Then, the rescue intervened.

“When Kaitlyn calls at 11p.m. at night, I always know it’s something interesting happening and I better answer. When she’s breathless, I know it’s going to be some real exciting and of course, it was,” this Washington-based rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

The dog was safely transferred to the facility, where she was further taken care of.

Primavera Has A Whole New Life Now

cute black dog laying on a floorcute black dog laying on a floor
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

Despite her previous trauma, the dog, named Primavera, came out of her shell in no time! With massive efforts of the ACPR, she soon found her temporary foster home. And, she blossomed into a brand-new dog!

Together with her mom, Tammy, Primavera is learning what life is all about. She’s no longer scared, but rather a sociable, friendly dog who loves meeting new people.

And, boi does she love rides in a puppy buggy!

two friend dogstwo friend dogs
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

Tammy made sure to teach Primavera all about being loved to the fullest, and her new foster baby sure reciprocates. Aside from being in love with chasing balls and carrying her toys around, the one thing she loves the most is being around people.

“She loves chasing balls, chew toys, carrying her stuffies around and hanging out in the backyard. She’s very social now and wants to be where the people are,” the ACPR team wrote on Facebook.

She’s still in the process of learning, but there’s no doubt that Primavera will make an excellent companion. When the time is right, she’ll be happy to go into a forever family, chasing new adventures and meeting new people.

After all she’s been through in the past, that’s the least she deserves!