Woman Is Shocked To See A Dog Trying To Get Off A Busy Road And Immediately Rushes To Save Him

It’s people like Hannah that make the world a better place!

When she saw a little pup in desperate need of help, she didn’t think twice! She immediately rushed to this poor dog’s aid, and it turned out to be life-saving.

However, the real question is, how did the pup end up in such a sorrowful situation? She was only inches away from being hit by a car, roaming the local roads and searching for a place to be… all due to a heartbreaking secret from the past she was hiding.

The Perfect Timing

dog near roaddog near road
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If Hannah was only a few minutes late, the pup would probably have faced the inevitable fate. This clearly abandoned dog was literally in the middle of the road, slowly moving between the passing cars.

Once this giant-hearted woman spotted her, her car dash camera recorded her being almost hit by four cars. That’s when Hannah pulled over and rushed to stop traffic!

big dog sleeping in bedbig dog sleeping in bed
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Even though she wasn’t quite sure how this Bully girl would react, she didn’t hesitate at all. She embraced the dog and took her off the road. Then came a real shocker!

Instead of being shy and reserved toward the unknown hooman, the dog, later named Winnie, started to wag her tail. She was so happy that Hannah came to her aid that she instantly melted into her arms.

“Hesitant that she may be aggressive, but I wanted to get her safe. I picked her up once we were out of the road and she starts wagging her tail. I knew that baby was mine from that moment and I started sobbing that she didn’t get hit,” Hannar wrote on TikTok.

The bond between the two was instant. And, that’s when Hannah knew – Winnie was her meant-to-be dog!

woman laying and hugging a dogwoman laying and hugging a dog
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The two went straight home after this exhausting night. Winnie got served with two big bowls of food, which she devoured in no time, indicating how hungry she was all along.

Hannah just couldn’t believe that someone would leave her in such inhumane circumstances, with no food and water, and in constant danger of being accidentally injured.

The next day, Winnie was subjected to a vet exam, where she was diagnosed with minor skin problems (which was the result of her outdoor life).

The vet also revealed Winnie’s heartbreaking secret from the past. He suggested that she was probably used for breeding and then cruelly dumped by her owner.

She already had a litter before, but on the night of her rescue, she was all alone.

Welcome Home, Winnie

woman and beautiful dogwoman and beautiful dog
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Hannah’s heroic rescue soon took the internet by storm. After she shared a video of Winnie’s rescue, thousands of people commented under the post, expressing their deepest gratitude to Hannah’s noble act.

“Overbred and discarded like trash. Thank you for saving her! It’s nice to know humans like you exist,” one person wrote.

“The fact a truck drove past when it was just cars when she was finally safe. Omg. Imagine you were just a few seconds late,” another one added.


To anyome that dumps animals, youre an excuse of a human being. Luckily i could save her from people like you. Welcome home sweet girl💜

♬ Paradise – 𝙇𝙭𝙪𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙯 🫶🏻

One thing is for sure – Winnie is finally safe in Hannah’s home, and she’s definitely not going anywhere!

“Welcome home Winnie, you will now only know love, happiness, and freedom,” Hannah wrote in the video.

Despite all the horrible things she experienced during her abandonment, Winnie now finally gets to relax and enjoy her new life. She’s genuinely an amazing dog, ready to take on many exciting adventures with her new mom. And, we can’t wait to see her thrive!