Sweet Pup Wrapped In Plastic And Abandoned In A Parking Lot In Freezing Weather Hopes To Find True Love

Words are not enough to express the sadness I feel every time I’m reminded of how merciless and abusive some people can be toward dogs.

How could any human being look into a dog’s loving eyes and mistreat them?

A Pit Bull named Champ only wanted love, but what he received instead was abuse and a broken heart.

Covered in wounds and wrapped in plastic, the dog was cruelly dumped in the parking lot of an animal control office in the freezing weather.

When Champ thought that there was no hope left for him, the good humans took him in their arms, promising to heal both his body and his heart.

Good People Fight For Champ

sweet Pit Bullsweet Pit Bull
Source: It’s A Pittie Rescue

The pup was admitted to It’s A Pittie Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Illinois committed to rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming the Pit Bull breed.

The rescuers were left heartbroken after seeing the pup covered in injuries. He was in critical condition.

Terribly worried for him, the rescue team rushed him to the emergency vet.

Champ looked at them with the saddest eyes that were pleading for help.

His rescuers didn’t know whether the dog would make it. All they knew was that they would stay by his side and fight for him.

The good people encouraged the pooch to keep on fighting to survive.

Their kindness and selfless support meant the world to him. Champ knew that he wouldn’t give up on himself.

Two days later, the canine was discharged from the hospital. He was ready to move in with his fosters, where he would continue recovering.

Receiving Much-Deserved Love

woman driving with dogswoman driving with dogs
Source: Amanda Diaz

While the transporter was taking him to his foster home, Champ planted countless kisses on her hands, expressing his gratitude.

His foster family started taking care of him, giving him time to decompress.

As they showered him with love, the pooch began feeling better and more comfortable.

dog sleeping in the housedog sleeping in the house
Source: It’s A Pittie Rescue

Champ savored his fosters’ affection. His eyes became full of appreciation toward them.

They taught him that he was worthy of love.

The sweet doggo started smiling and believing that one day, he would find a loving forever home.

The Illinois-based rescue was amazed with Champ’s progress and his ability to forgive humans.

They shared a Facebook post about Champ, describing him as a resilient pup who is “excited about life.”

His friends at the rescue root for the lovely boi and hope that he will soon get his happy ending.

The delightful canine learned the command “sit“ and he’s working on other commands.

happy pit bullhappy pit bull
Source: It’s A Pittie Rescue

Despite everything Champ went through, he has a lot of love to give. The pup loves snuggling in his foster’s lap and smothering them with adorable little kisses.

Champ can’t wait to find a forever family who will adore him and give him the happy life that he deserves.

If you’re looking for a loving furry companion, reach out to It’s A Pittie Rescue. Meet Champ and give him a chance to charm you with his irresistible smile.