Shelter Workers Received A Donation Box And Were Surprised By What Was In It

Do you know how many dogs end up in shelters every year?

A couple of million, that’s for sure.

The number changes and varies from one year to another. Last I heard, over 6 million dogs were surrendered to shelters in the USA.

That’s 6 million broken hearts!

Could you even imagine the pain these 6 million dogs feel?

If it wasn’t for animal shelters and rescue organizations, God only knows what would happen to those poor pups in need.

Unfortunately, the situation is quite concerning. Shelters, although they have all the best intentions in the world, can’t run on air. They need funds, and the country simply does not provide enough of them.

Many of them lack basic necessities like dog food or medicine supplies.

The vast majority of them rely on donations from good people.

Kind animal lovers and donors are the backbone of every shelter.

No donations, no lives saved; that’s the simple math behind everything.

One of the many shelters in Georgia always welcomes donations and even has a box set up outside for those who want to help in food and supplies.

One morning, staff members found something that couldn’t be categorized as a necessity, but it sure was one heck of a donation.

Let’s see what kind of mysterious guests visited this shelter!

What’s In The Box?

Snacks for dogsSnacks for dogs
Source: Facebook

Every working day at Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society (MCCHS) starts very early.

It was before 6 AM when the first staff workers came to the shelter for their shift.

As always, before starting their regular job tasks, the first thing they do is check the donation box that’s right outside the shelter. It’s not always super full, but every day, a bag of kibble or two ends up in there, making sure the pups get at least a bit of help.

However, this morning was different.

Sure thing, there were two kibble bags waiting for them inside the box.

But, that was not it!

Mysterious guests have been waiting patiently for someone to come and lift the lid of the box.

When the shelter workers opened the box, they saw two puppies curled up in the back of the box!

Saved Just In Time

two small puppies on leash two small puppies on leash
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It’s summer in Georgia, and it’s hot.

Imagine how hot it must be inside a wooden box with no proper air holes?

Those pups were in a sauna… sweating, panting, and gasping for air.

When the staff found them, the heat from the box hit them like a wave. They were saved at the last moment. If the shelter workers didn’t open the box that morning…

We all know how this case could’ve ended.

The MCCHS staff checked their security cameras and found out that someone left the two pups sometime after 10:30 PM. No one was at the shelter at that hour. The little ones had spent the entire night in the box, praying that someone would find them.

Luckily, after a detailed examination, it turned out that the puppies were in perfectly good condition. They had no visible infections. Their coats were fine. They looked like normal puppies!

Polly and Dolly, as they named them, were a bit shy at first, but then their true personality shined through. They were just too happy to be alive at such a place!

“They are very playful pups and love attention from people and love playtime,” said one of the shelter workers.

Polly and Dolly are now about three months old.

two puppies sitting on grass side by side two puppies sitting on grass side by side
Source: Facebook

They’re ready to meet their furever families. The MCCHS posted them up for adoption just a while ago, and they’re already getting many inquiries about the sweet duo from the box.

There’s no doubt that these lucky girls would get adopted in the blink of an eye.

The kind shelter workers at MCCHS still check their donation box regularly. You never know when another pup might show up as a visitor in the night.