Puppy With A Severe Skin Infection Struggled To Survive But Then He Met Someone Amazing

Meet Finleigh – the pup who has spent much of her early life living on the street, just wandering and doing her best to find shelter and food to survive.

However, life hasn’t been treating her well, and she ended up suffering a lot. At just six weeks old, she was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and had a lot of skin problems.

That didn’t mean she was giving up, though. With all of her remaining strength, she pushed on every day because she hoped that someone would help her.

Today, we will talk about her amazing story and how she managed to start over with someone special.

A Timely Rescue

stray puppystray puppy
Source: Paws Show

When Finleigh was first found by her amazing rescuer, wandering the streets of Texas, she felt so bad for her that she had to do something.

She took her in immediately and drove her to a clinic for a full checkup, as it was apparent that she had quite a few problems.

The vets told her rescuer that Finleigh had mange and a secondary skin infection. She was also really weak, dehydrated, and had pneumonia.

When her rescuer looked at her, she felt so sad for her, but she was going to do everything in her power to help her get better.

injured stray puppyinjured stray puppy
Source: Paws Show

The vets had her on IV fluid and antibiotics for a while. While this gave her a small temperature, it was really necessary for her recovery.

After a few days, everything changed, and Finleigh was able to eat and drink normally. She was making a lot of progress in her healing journey.

They also had her on a nebulizer treatment and coupage because of her pneumonia, and it was helping.

To help deal with the worm problems, they dewormed her and made sure to have her sleep in a clean and isolated environment.

Amazing Transformation

cute stray puppycute stray puppy
Source: Paws Show

Her rescuer placed her in the bathroom so she could monitor her all the time in case something happened.

A few days went by and things were looking up even more. She is much more stable now as her meds have been working, and Finleigh’s mood has also improved.

She has learned to love her rescuer so much and wants to spend all of her time with her. It’s really great to see her tail wag after everything she’s been through.

As time went on, she became stronger and everyone was so proud of her. She was a real fighter and they were now sure that she was going to be okay.

Her rescuer takes her out on walks almost every day and she enjoys it so much as she can explore all the new places.

dog with necklacedog with necklace
Source: Paws Show

While in the care of her special person, she also made a new friend, Scarlett, with whom she would play almost all the time.

After a little over a month, Finleigh had completely transformed into a beautiful dog, thanks to her rescuer. Her fur had grown back, and she was completely healthy now.

It was time to place her on an adoption list. It was tough for her rescuer to do so, but deep down, she knew that this sweet dog deserved a family who would love her more than anything.

Eventually, Finleigh and another dog flew from Texas to their new home where they met their families. It was the most heartwarming experience seeing her so happy.

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