Pit Bull Labeled ‘Big, Tan Guy’ Faces Euthanasia Until One Heroic Man Intervenes To Save His Life

It is no secret that Pitties are one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world. Their sturdy exterior and violent past often don’t do them justice, especially when you know that they can be just as sweethearts as other dogs.

For Dexter, the tan, Georgia Pittie, life started pretty roughly.

He was stuck in a shelter after roaming the streets for such a long time. And, the worst thing of all? Nobody wanted to give him a second look, ultimately leading this boi to inevitable euthanasia…

The Last-Minute Rescue

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Dexter was picked up as a stray dog in Georgia in 2019. When he was initially found, he was 20 to 25 pounds underweight and missed a great deal of his fur due to sun damage and poor living conditions.

After he ended up in a local shelter, his misery was prolonged. Instead of finding a home, Dexter became the pup nobody wanted. Until, one day, the giant-hearted people stumbled across him!

“He was just hunched down in the shelter, looked very sad. His paperwork said: “Big, tan guy.” He did not have a name, and because he had no interest or applications, he was going to be put on the euthanasia list,” Mark told GeoBeats Animals.

Couple and dog sitting on couchCouple and dog sitting on couch
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Thanks to Fly With Me Animal Rescue, who originally saved Dexter from the shelter, Mark Romans and his fiance got the opportunity to meet this sweet boi – and keep him in their home for good.

From the moment they met, Dexter and Mark formed a special bond. The two clicked right off the bat, unknowingly embarking on a beautiful journey of friendship – the one that lasts forever and beyond!

Who’s The Sweetest Pup In The House?

brown dog laying on a bedbrown dog laying on a bed
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It took Dexter less than a few weeks to show everyone who the sweetheart of the house was!

Even though he was officially picked up from the streets as a stray, it was more than evident that Dexter had a home before. He was house trained, knew how to behave indoors, and immediately enjoyed taking cozy naps on the couch!

But, there was one thing Dexter loved more than anything – his family! That’s why Mark and his fiance decided to expand their little pack by adopting a feline girl into their home.

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Zoe, who was only a kitten back then, was embraced with an open heart, and Dexter just loved having her around!

The two soon became best friends who didn’t know life without each other. And, those brother-sister fights? Or, the infamous cat-dog rivalry? That just never existed in Dexter and Zoe’s relationship.

Dexter Is More Than Just A Good Pet

owner and dog on a roadowner and dog on a road
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For Mark, having Dexter in his life was never just a matter of companionship, but so much more. Recently, this giant-hearted man has been diagnosed with lupus, and his biggest support is Dexter!

Coping with this autoimmune disease, this tan furry hero has done more for his dad’s mental health than anyone else. He’s the best healthcare provider and makes sure to always be in tune with Mark’s energy.

owner and dog posing for pictureowner and dog posing for picture
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Without saying a word, Dexter knows exactly how to make his dad smile, or what to do in order to cheer him up.

Yet, some people still have lots of stereotypes when it comes to his breed. Occasionally, people direct a negative comment toward Dexter based on his breed, which gave Mark an idea – to establish an advocate group called East Coast Bully Advocates.

“We were just walking on our boardwalk. A senior elderly lady walked by and she looked at us and said: ‘That thing’s gonna get you in your sleep one night, you know?’ So that actually caused me to go found a page East Coast Bully Advocates,” said Mark.

Today, the organization has made unbelievable success, being responsible for saving hundreds of rescue dogs’ lives!

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Mark will continue to show how much Pitties are an underestimated breed, and Dexter will be there to serve as the pawfect testament to it!

“No matter how much hate I receive for owning a Pitbull I will always continue to show how much love these dogs have and how truly misunderstood they are,” Mark wrote on Instagram.

Once a stray, Georgia dog, Dexter is now a true friend, a sibling, a caregiver, and the best companion one could ever wish for!