Kind Woman Spends Days Trying To Rescue A Scared Dog Living In A Pile Of Trash

Rescuing dogs is no picnic, especially if they have spent their entire life living on a street.

Scared, distrustful, and wary of people – these are potentially the stray-dog traits many kind-hearted rescuers face. But, the rule is – you never give up!

Patience and eagerness to save an innocent life from the street prevails, and that’s usually what makes these giant-hearted people drive!

One such case comes from Los Angeles, California. When she saw a hopeless dog fending for herself on the street, Christine had all the odds stacked against her. The dog was way too scared and extremely hard to catch, but she never gave up!

The 7-Day Struggle

brown dog laying downbrown dog laying down
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Christine first spotted Hope, a tiny, little dog, standing in the middle of the street near her house in Los Angeles, California. She had no owners or a roof above her head, and she was just way too timid to let anyone near her.

Even though Christine immediately tried to get her off the street, Hope was impossible to catch! Instead, she started leaving her food in a nearby alley.

brown dog sitting in front of the doorbrown dog sitting in front of the door
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Christine soon found out that this poor girl slept on a bed that she made for herself right on a huge pile of trash. Sometimes, she would even sleep on people’s doorsteps, but at the end of the day, she would always run away and hide from everyone.

Chrstine kept feeding her to make sure she gained Hope’s trust. One day, Hope even approached her and started licking food from her hand, but she soon ran away when a car drove by.

On day six, this giant-hearted woman realized that she alone couldn’t catch Hope, so she asked for help.

She’s Finally Safe

cute brown dog with long furcute brown dog with long fur
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Christine contacted Deity Animal Rescue and CatchingPaws, who promptly agreed to help. The next day, with food, they lured Hope into a small alley, and eventually caught her in a big net.

At first, this tiny, curly-haired girl was scared and anxious, but as soon as she got in Christine’s home, she calmed down. She had a warm bath and a nice meal provided with so much love, which made her relax significantly.

brown dog stuck in a netbrown dog stuck in a net
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Only a few days later, Hope transformed amazingly. She even let her new foster momma give her the sweetest belly rubs. She literally melted into her hands once she realized she was receiving nothing but pure love!

Hope began displaying her true personality! She was a playful, positive girl who made such a great companion for Christine. And, even though she didn’t have much interaction with other dogs, she adapted to a doggo pack amazingly!

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“In such a short amount of time, her playful spirit is starting to shine through. Hope is gentle, quiet, and a great little buddy. She walks nicely on leash and she really enjoys being pet,” Christine wrote on Instagram.

She’s just the sweetest little girl ever! With her gentle personality and playful spirit, she has become an amazing pet in just a few days. And, now Christine was finally able to do what she initially rescued her for – find Hope a furever home!

Hope’s Amazing Transformation

girl holding her brown doggirl holding her brown dog
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With the help of her DAR friends, Hope was adopted by an amazing family! Her new mom, Clemé, initially wanted to meet Hope and discuss her potential adoption, but once she saw her – there was no return.

She immediately fell in love with Hope’s cheerful personality. And, Hope reciprocated right back!

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“I’ve never made a best friend so quickly!! She has lightened up our lives beyond and we already feel so bonded. She is such a gift and we feel so grateful that you let us bring her into our lives and that you took such great care of her,” Clemé told Christine.

Today, Hope lives with her amazing pawrents and a big doggo brother who makes her feel as if she’s the safest princess in the world. Thanks to her amazing foster momma, Christine, Hope won’t have to worry about having a roof over her head – ever again!

You can keep up with Christine on her official Instagram and TikTok.