Forgotten Dog Who Spent Over 2 Years In A Shelter Can’t Control Joy On “Special Outing”

Not every dog is lucky to start his life journey in a warm home surrounded by a loving family. Sadly, the early life periods of some canines are anything but happy.

One Pit Bull named Cider, who was used in illegal dog fighting operations while still a young pup, is the best proof of that. When rescuers saved him and brought him to the Pennsylvania SPCA, a shelter located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was in terrible condition.

Still, with the help of good people, he was able to recover and heal all his wounds, both physical and those on his soul. However, more than two years after he was saved, he is still patiently waiting for his perfect family.

Despite all the hardships, there are still those beautiful moments when he can’t keep a smile off his face.

Truly Special Moments

happy dog jumps in the parkhappy dog jumps in the park
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Although everyone at the shelter loved Cider, Lindsey King, Pennsylvania SPCA manager of volunteer programs, was especially bonded with him. She was happy that Cider was still around, but she noticed that the shelter life started affecting him.

“Shelter life can be difficult on dogs, especially those who have been here for as long as Cider has,” King told The Dodo. “Cider remains a pretty happy pup, but we can see shelter life taking a toll on him.”

To cheer him up and put the smile back on his face, she decided to bring him to a park offsite where he was free to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and run around as long as he wanted.

dog running in the parkdog running in the park
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

“To lift his spirits and give him a break from kennel life, Cider – one of our longest dog residents – recently had the best day offsite full of sniffing and snuggles.” Pennsylvania SPCA wrote in their Facebook post.

There was truly no end to his happiness and joy as he was running around the field and occasionally jumping in the arms of his favorite person. King’s heart was full because of these heartwarming moments, and she couldn’t hide her delight.

woman in hug with dogwoman in hug with dog
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Unfortunately, with all the happiness these moments brought her, she felt sadness as well.

Dreaming Of A Happy Ending

After the beautiful day spent with her canine companion in the park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, King couldn’t help but feel bittersweet. Cider was again returning to his kennel.

“We only wish all of his days were like this,” the Pennsylvania SPCA wrote in their Facebook post. “With the perfect family, they can be.”

King said that this dog had a rough start in life and would probably need some time to adjust to a new home. However, she also stated that his new family would get much more in return – the unconditional love only a man’s best friend can provide.

dog lays on a green grass in sunlightdog lays on a green grass in sunlight
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Although no one has yet expressed a desire to take Cider into their fold, King and the other good souls at the shelter are convinced that this dog will meet his perfect people one day.

“We know Cider’s people are out there,” they wrote at the end of the post.

Until they appear, Cider will continue to dream of a happy ending.