Family Surrendered Their Dog To Be Euthanized Because The Kids Didn’t Like Her Anymore

There’s an absolutely absurd stereotype in this world, saying that old dogs are “just not worth the time.” Due to this belief, many owners decide to euthanize their senior pets instead of taking care of them, even though the pets don’t necessarily cope with some condition.

Every year, out of approximately 3 million dogs in shelters in the U.S., around 390,000 dogs are euthanized, according to statistics.

Several years ago, a woman named Melissa, from Conyers, Georgia, decided to do something about it. She started a facility called Old Dog Home on her 11-acre yard, which helps senior doggos get, as she says, “a chance at love and family for their last years.”

Still, when she received a call about one senior being unjustifiably set for euthanization at a local shelter, she fell apart. This is why…

Holly Was Brought To Be Euthanized Without A Justifiable Reason

a black and white dog is lying on an armchaira black and white dog is lying on an armchair
Source: Old Dog Home

One of Melissa’s veterinary partners from Georgia called her one day to ask if she could take in a dog that was brought to be euthanized by his family. 

Even though the dog didn’t suffer from a life-threatening condition, his family decided to put her to sleep because she was peeing on the floor and the grandkids were just not interested in her.

At the time, Melissa didn’t have enough room for one more dog, but she couldn’t stand the idea of a dog being unfairly euthanized; hence, she decided to come and meet this senior doggo girl.

a sad dog is lying on a pillowa sad dog is lying on a pillow
Source: Old Dog Home

When she finally came to the shelter, she asked a man who was there with his granddaughter to rethink his actions, but he just said that they don’t really like her – they liked their other dogs better.

Melissa was devastated, but still inclined to help the poor doggo girl who she later named “Holly.”

Old Dog Home To The Rescue

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I guess it was just meant for Holly to be a part of the Old Dog Home family at the time. This facility in Conyers, Georgia, provided her with a temporary home, and even though she was a little scared at the beginning, she adapted pretty well and started acting all doggo again!

She didn’t suffer from any critical condition, but she was quite filthy, with a few old lady bumps on her body. On top of all that, she had a yeast infection.

She was a really friendly girl who just needed the right family. And, after all this time – she finally got one, at least on a temporary basis!

“Shuffled Like A Tacky Gift No One Wanted Anymore”

the dog lies on the wooden boards with its back turnedthe dog lies on the wooden boards with its back turned
Source: Old Dog Home

As Melissa found out, Holly was shuffled around from place to place until she finally wound up with her last family. She belonged to someone in the past, but as it turns out, her original owner passed away, and from that moment, everything went upside down for Holly.

Melissa on her Facebook:

“She’s been shuffled around again like a tacky gift no one wanted in the first place… She relaxed a little… I whispered to her and promised her that from now on, she will always be loved and wanted, no matter what.”

Luckily, she couldn’t have ended up in a better place! Old Dog Home provided her with endless love and plenty of space to relax in. Holly was finally becoming her old self, and even though she was around 10 to 12 years old, she never stopped being enthusiastic about life!

Finally In The Right Family

the dog sleeps in the arms of the blonde girlthe dog sleeps in the arms of the blonde girl
Source: Old Dog Home

Just five months after she was originally rescued by Melissa, Holly got a new home. She was taken in by the pawfect family with two girls and a dog who welcomed Holly with arms wide open!

the girl is lying next to two sleeping dogs on the bedthe girl is lying next to two sleeping dogs on the bed
Source: Old Dog Home

“Look at this baby girl now living her BEST LIFE. Frog legs, snuggling with her girls, basking in the sun… she’s happy and healthy and making sure her family’s little farm is running smoothly. I can’t tell y’all how happy it makes my heart to see her looking so good,” Melissa wrote.

It took a long path and a couple of rough years, but Holly was finally where she was always supposed to be – in the arms of a loving family!