Woman Was Shocked When She Saw A Strange Foot Hanging Out Of Her Car Engine

One day, a woman was doing daily chores in her house in Phoenix, Arizona when she suddenly heard loud noises right from the outside. Since she knew her dogs’ voices very well, she quickly realized that it wasn’t them. But, then, who could it be?

To find out, she decided to look at her yard security camera, and there she saw a mysterious creature crawling under her car. However, there would be nothing strange about it if that same animal ever came out of there.

At that moment, everything was clear to her, and she immediately rushed to inspect her limo in the manner of a true car mechanic.

Bizarre Situation

dog stuck under the cardog stuck under the car
Source: AHS via The Dodo

When she got under the car, what she found absolutely shocked her. She saw a leg hanging from the engine and it was soon clear to her that it was some mischievous dog that somehow got stuck there.

Since she had no clue what to do in this situation, she decided to call professionals from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) for help. It didn’t take them long to get to the place.

Jesus and McKenzie Dunnington, emergency animal medical technicians with AHS, first observed the scene. After that, they immediately got to work rescuing this dog, whom they later named Nova, after the name of the car she got stuck in – a ’67 Chevy Nova.

dog in a car trunkdog in a car trunk
Source: AHS via The Dodo

Although these experienced rescuers only needed 15 minutes to complete the job and free Nova, they were also stunned by this bizarre situation.

“In her 10 years working for AHS’ Field Team, Ruthie Jesus stated she has seen (and personally rescued) many cats and kittens from car engines but never a full-grown dog,” Kelsey Dickerson, spokesperson for AHS, told The Dodo. “While AHS has rescued a puppy stuck in a car engine before, the 49-pound Nova is very likely the first adult dog rescued from this predicament in the shelter’s history!”

cute dog on a leashcute dog on a leash
Source: AHS via The Dodo

Regardless of everything, the most important thing was that the operation was successfully completed and that Nova was finally free from this “mechanical trap.”

Her Ride To A New Life

dog in a boxdog in a box
Source: AHS via The Dodo

As soon as she was no longer trapped in the car engine, Nova showed her true colors – silly and cheerful behavior and positive energy she immediately began to radiate.

However, they had to take her to the vet for an examination because she was trapped in such a nasty place, like a car engine, for a relatively long time. Luckily, the vets confirmed that she did well in the end because there were no major health problems apart from some minor injuries.

Better days were coming for Nova, and she seemed to feel it because she didn’t take the smile off her face. Nova would quickly turn a new page in her life.

cute dog with two necklacescute dog with two necklaces
Source: azhumane

“After being treated in AHS’ trauma hospital for minor wounds to her ears, Nova is now ready for her forever home at AHS’ South Mountain Campus,” Kelsey said. “She is an incredibly sweet, energetic, loving and playful pup who loves going on walks and getting attention from everyone she meets.”

On their official website, they also stated that Nova is a two-year-old mix and that she is looking for a home with no cats or small critters because “Dogs rule!”

The people at this rescue organization from Phoenix, Arizona, have no doubts that Nova will have her happy ending.

Although this accident could very easily have ended tragically, the car she “crashed into” represented a ride to a new life for Nova, and that is the most important thing in the end.