How to Crack MBA Interview for Business School Admission Abroad?

Applying for a business school abroad can be a daunting prospect, but with the right preparation, it can be a rewarding experience. Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) abroad can open up tremendous career opportunities and can help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to progress in the international business world.

Passing the MBA interview is a crucial step in getting into your chosen business school abroad, and the right preparation can make all the difference. In this blog post, we discuss how to crack MBA interviews for admission into a business school abroad.

1. Professional knowledge, work experience and current affairs

When applying for an MBA abroad admission, you must have a good understanding of the subject knowledge, work experience and current affairs. You must be able to explain your achievements and the challenges you have faced in your career.

Questions related to your graduation subjects are intended to find out why you followed a certain course and to find out how much of the subject knowledge you have mastered.

Almost all admission interviews for the Business School contain topical questions. You can prepare for it by reading the latest news online or in the newspaper two weeks before the interview.

If you have previous work experience, you can also ask questions about that. Work experience is very important. It’s not enough to just say you worked at a company or on a project; they want to know how much responsibility you had, how long you were in the position, and how much of an impact it had on the bottom line. These questions help the interviewer understand what you’ve learned about the industry and your job profile.

2. Research will help, be better prepared

Research will help you understand the nature of the MBA program, what they are looking for and how to answer questions that may come up in an interview. It is important to know the academic program of the school, what is expected of students and what makes them unique.

The best way to begin your research is to thoroughly read the school’s website and social media pages. They have all the important information about their programs, eligibility criteria, the application process and more.

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3. Body language

The way you conduct yourself can make or break your chances of being admitted. If you’re not sure, you probably won’t impress the interviewers. The best way to overcome this is to practice and be aware of your body language. When giving an interview, try not to fiddle with your clothes or hair, smile when prompted, and be relaxed.

If you’re nervous about giving an interview, try to relax first. You should also think about what your message will be and how you will present it in the best possible light. Remember that your interviewer is looking for someone who has both good academic credentials and relevant experience, so don’t try too hard; instead just be yourself!

You must maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Also, try to answer the questions in the order they were asked. You must be calm and composed while answering the questions. You should do this with a smile on your face as this radiates positivity.

4. Dress code

Dress code for a good first impression is very important. You are expected to dress neatly and professionally for an interview. Male students may wear a suit or formal dress shirt and trousers, and female students may wear a formal dress. You should feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear and it is advisable to keep makeup and accessories to a minimum.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the most commonly asked questions in MBA interviews and understanding how best to answer them can give you a head start in the admissions process. The following sample questions are only intended to give you an indication of what to expect during the interview, but are in no way exhaustive.

  To ask     Hints  
  Why this gym?     Explaining how to select the chosen business school for admission. Make a comparison between the selected school and other reputable institutions.  
  What are your work goals?     This is where you should outline your goals, including who you want to become. The best way to respond to this question is to outline your preferred industry and profile for employment after completing your MBA.  
  What are your strengths/weaknesses?     When answering these types of questions, it’s best to start by addressing a weakness to end on a more positive note. When selecting strengths and weaknesses, make sure they are relevant to the desired position you are applying for.  
  Why do you want to do an MBA?     You must explain why you chose to study MBA over other postgraduate courses. You can also discuss how an MBA can help you succeed in your chosen career.  
  Tell us about yourself     These types of questions require you to share your achievements, education, and interests. You can also tell your hobbies and other important personal information.  

Going abroad to earn an MBA degree is an exciting prospect for any student. The possibilities that come with it are endless and the experience can be truly life-changing. However, before you can start realizing any of these potential benefits, you must first go through the MBA interview process. With the right preparation, you will be able to answer the questions with confidence and secure a place at the business school of your choice.

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